This is the Ultimate Business Directory of Irvine!

If you are a business owner in Irvine, your business may already be listed.   Simply search for it, claim it as your business and add a description and pictures.

Are you interested in advertising? If you are please let me know, simply go to the contact page and let us know.

If you are a consumer looking for a business in Irvine, over 10,000 are listed here!  Each business in Irvine is categorized which allows you to search by category, in addition to business name.  Not sure of the complete business name? Search here by partial name or business type. Virtually every business in Irvine can be found here!


Neither irvinedirectory.com nor MB/Consulting validates the accuracy of the data and cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.   The Irvine Directory is a business listing service that is not associated with the City of Irvine.  For verification that a business exists in Irvine, contact the City of Irvine.



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